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Fencing - they say that good fences make good neighbors.

With homes being built closer and closer, a perimeter fence provides a secluded backyard environment for relaxing, entertaining, gardening or swimming. Fencing also enhances the quality of life by providing safety for children and pets while keeping unwanted guests from entering. In the Texas Hill County, those guest may include wildlife. And, most home buyers find a privacy fence a great bonus when shopping for a new home and see it as one less thing they will need to take care of after closing.


But not all fencing is for privacy concerns. Ornamental fencing adds beauty and character to your property and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. They are usually constructed of wrought iron, steel or aluminum and require very little to no maintenance.


Contact Burroughs Landscaping if you are considering fencing for safety, beauty or fencing the perimeter of your property.

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